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About Quartile

Quartile Property Network is a specialist property investment practice with over 60 years experience in planning, locating and managing residential property for investors throughout Australia.

The business commenced in 1953 as the D.F Johnson Group of companies founded by Fred Johnson and his late brother, Don. Brett Johnson joined the business in 1982. The D.F. Johnson Group of companies, which included businesses involved in property management, funds management and property market research, were acquired by Mercantile Mutual Insurance (now ING) in February 1990. Brett Johnson was appointed to merge the businesses.

In July 1992 Fred & Brett Johnson formed Quartile Property Network as a specialist property investment and management practice. Today we have over 5,000 clients who rely on us for market information, property selection and general advice on property related matters.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on years of practical experience, hands-on property market research and our ability to see the bigger picture at work in property markets. The experiences we have shared with thousands of clients over many decades have also vastly expanded our understanding of property markets
. We advocate a carefully planned, counter-cyclical approach to property investment.

Quartile is a member of the Real Estate Institute, and subscribes to that organisations code of practice.

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