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The Wealth Power of PropertyThe Wealth Power of Property
by Fred & Brett Johnson
(Published: 1997 - ISBN 0646316354)

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Co-written by Fred Johnson, founder of the DF Johnson group of companies and Brett Johnson, Managing Director, Quartile Property Network.

The Way Ahead

Looks at ongoing property management issues which may impact your property investments.

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The Real Estate Analyst:
The really important stuff including advance notice on property recommendations, research and other news.


Property Services Guide

A quick guide to our
services and how we deliver those services to clients.

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Previous publications by Brett & Fred Johnson on property and property investment.

More Riches from Real Estate : a guide to
profitable real estate investment
- 1972
How To Get Real Estate Rich - 1970

Books co-written by Fred Johnson
The Wealth Power of Property - 1997
Riches From Real Estate - 1980
Way Ahead To Property Wealth - 1977
Way Ahead To Property Wealth in NZ - 1977
New Ways to Real Estate Wealth - 1973

Other Publications
The Real Estate Analyst
The Johnson Report

Market data and strategies:

Property expression session
A complimentary session to help you work out your property investment options. 

Free of charge.

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The Property Clock:

During a period of strongly rising values a number of things happen...